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SARA is one of the premier clubs in the North Georgia area. Presently, we have over fifty active members. The club and its members are actively involved in many different amateur radio activities. Some members enjoy just rag-chewing or operating CW, SSB, VHF SSB, or QRP. Others enjoy chasing DX, or working satellites, or building equipment and antenna systems.

The club's main emphasis is to assist local communities with special events and their communications needs. We also like to promote the public awareness of the ARRL Field Day event held every June. SARA has been honored with two national “First Place” finishes in our class, during past Field Day events. We also are always actively welcoming and reaching out to youth to help continue this amazing hobby with the upcoming generations!

If you are just starting out in amateur radio, we invite you to one of our upcoming events or meetings. Let us introduce you to our hobby while you visit one of the best clubs in the area.


Upcoming Events
Field Day 2021
This year, Field Day is on the 26th and 27th of June! SARA has decided that due to the risk of COVID-19 to the club, we will once again be holding Field Day at home. Please read over the presentation below from a recent club meeting, this information though is not final until the final meeting for Field Day planning on June 14. Information will be updated below if there are any changes.

Just recently Jack McElroy (KM4ZIA) and his sister, Audrey McElroy (KM4BUN) with the assistance of Bill Brown (WB8ELK) launched a Pico Sat attached to an SBS-13 balloon in late March with the name of KM4ZIA-3. The balloon was joined in its trip with other picosats in a race across the world. KM4ZIA-3 started its journey and made it across the Atlantic Ocean and over Spain until it went over the Mediterranean Sea and traveled over Greece and Turkey and eventually going over South Korea after a long trip of the Middle East. The balloon flew over the Pacific Ocean and got to Washington State and made its way over the United States until it flew just North of Georgia and won the race around the world. It made 5 trips around the world before disappearing one night, it traveled a great distance in it's lifetime.